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In Faerun there are both heroes and villains. Some from the second group want gold. Some want power. Some just one to kill. Tsuki is the worst type: he want pleasure in its every aspect. He wants to be on a winner's side. Is such a man to be trusted? Can you let another Bodhi's servant join you?
Check download section to get the mod, or Tsuki BG2 s
I am still doing my best with the release of Tsuki BG2. I've just updated his portrait + I set up a forum of the project. You may find it in 'Forums' section :)
Open beta is quite close!

If you thought that this page is dead already, then you are wrong! There is progress in translation of TWM/MotSC. Thanks to help of our translators, one of the components was translated to English. We have already found a proofreaders so... have your fingers crossed!

So, this is very first English website of our project. We'd like to welcome you and encourage to take a look at our work. We know that English version of the mod is still small, but we'll do our best to provide bigger English MotSC!

                                                                                                        Best wishes!
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